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We set the discipline that applies engineering, physics, engineering mathematics, and materials science principles to design, analyze, manufacture, and maintain mechanical systems.

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“India’s Only Manufacturer of Hot Rolled Threaded Re-Bars”

  • ➼ Metaroll is the only steel manufacturer in India and among the only nine companies
    worldwide to manufacture Hot rolled threaded rebars.
  • ➼ These threaded Re-bars are widely used in soil fixing, rockbolt, and anchoring.
  • ➼ We manufacture these threaded Re-bars with the finest quality of raw material, processed
    in our in-house steel melt shop.
  • ➼  These high-quality threaded re-bars are in high demand for their corrosion resistance, high
    strength and durability.

Threaded Rebar Applications

Metaroll Threaded Rebars

Metaroll Threaded Rebars

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Readymade Ringers

  • Our ‘Cut and Bend Services’ eliminate wastage in on-site cutting. Our automated cutting and
    bending equipment guarantee high accuracy of pre-cut bars. Further, a selective ordering of these
    bars when you need them, saves space of stocking them on site.
    We have installed a cutting and stirrup line of KRB machines, automatic bending machines and
    automatic stirrup benders of the latest technology. These machines are computer-controlled.
    Pre-cut bars of your specifications ensure speed of work and also avoid space requirement for
    cutting and bending on site. No wonder then, that professional civil contractors prefer to accelerate
    their project work by using our services and reducing on-site labour
Applications of Readymade Ringers

Elimination of onsite labour with delivery of customize readymade steel coordinated to
construction requirements saves processing time

There is no wastage of steel as there is no onsite process involved

Material is ordered and delivered as per exact requirements thereby eliminating the need for
storage. This avoids possibility of pilferage too.

These high-quality threaded re-bars are in high demand for their corrosion resistance, high
strength and durability.

The steel bars are reshaped using the latest technology in controlled factory environment. This
guarantee absolute accuracy.

Mechanized processing enables us to customize shapes & design as per specific requirements.


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Customer Satisfaction

From last few years when we associated with Metaroll by entering into selling Metaroll TMT bars. We never imagined the level of success achieved with this products. Metaroll brand products have such demand that we always have orders. Metaroll products has very very good quality and delivers things on time, so that our customers are always happy with us
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Sustainability Goals

We are focused on building a long-term, sustainable business.