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India's Leading Steel Manufacturer

We, Metaroll Ispat Pvt Ltd we strongly desire to see every citizen of our country enjoys the same benefits that are available for the citizens of the developed countries, A Reason why we have developed a highly advanced and globally trusted grade of steel to secure your most precious and valuable asset…Your Home.

Metaroll TMT Bars are backed by years of research and development. Quenching and self-tempering Thermex Technology by HSE GERMANY which is highly preferred and accepted worldwide, has been upgraded by many levels at our research lab to produce steel bars that ensures superior strength and flexibility without any increase in the cost.

Our Mission

We aspire to become pioneers in making Metarolls technologically resilient, quality conscious,
carbon neutral, water positive, green steel manufacturing organisation.

Our vision

We strive to utilize the latest technology and modern management methods in all our operations.
Our efforts will be directed to be an inclusive, transparent and responsible steel producer.

Our commitment

We at Metarolls Ispat Private Limited are committed to meet and enhance customer satisfaction
through world-class manufacturing of Billets and TMT bars.

why choose us

Thriving to give high quality product !!

25 year experience

With over 25 years of experience in the field of industrial manufacturing, we guarantee the best quality and products.

professional team

With a professional team, we are all experienced and highly skilled in manufacturing.

Safety is top priority

For us, occupational safety is a top priority, with modern machinery and safety facilities. so it’s well worth the investment in safety.

large scale

The phenomenon of globalization has changed the scenario. We export our products into Malaysia, Bangladesh,Dubai, Mauritius, Africa, Italy, France, Seychelles

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On Wheels

Metaroll will dispath a Site Van to visityou and to be of technical assistance as may be required at times. The Van is managed by technicians who can render on-the-spot service during their visit. This is an initiative commenced as part of our brans's commitment to its customers

Where the customer may want to consult an expert technician or obtain a second opinion, the Site Van will arrive and attend to their need. This can ensure the best practices are followed on site.



Show The Skills

Our industry professionals are able to deliver better ideas and solutions embedded with a deep understanding of each client’ business and industry.



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